Hajj Packages

Hajj Packages

Hajj Packages

The fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj is the biggest event in the world that occurs every year with a great spirit. Allah makes it an obligatory pillar of Islam, without accepting it no one can enter the circle of Islam. Hajj is the occasion where the Muslims show the unity, equality, brotherhood, and harmony.

The event of Hajj starts from 8th Zill Hajj and ending at 12th Zill Hajj. This is the last month of Hijri Calendar. As you know that Umrah can be performed even within 1 day. Hajj takes 5 consecutive days to complete it according to Sunnah. The House of Allah, Holy Haram is located in Makkah. His Last Messenger the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born in this divine city. This a love that Muslims every year come here to perform this religious duty and visit the Holy Haram and Masjid e Nabvi. The more attractions are the Black Stone, the Mountain of Light and the Well of Zamzam in the holy land of Makkah. Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“And anyone who disbelieves (and rejects Hajj, has weakened himself), Allah isn’t in need of any of his shaped ones in the worlds.” (Holy Quran 3:97)

Similarly, Allah Says in another place,

“It is on people for Allah’s sake to accomplish Hajj of his house (Holy Haram, Makkah), anyone who is able to undertake the journey to him.” (Holy Quran 2:196)

The Madinah City is a second most sacred city in the world after Makkah. The Muslims perform Hajj they visit both cities, Makkah and Madinah. According to the five pillars of Islam all Muslims who have resources must perform Hajj in Makkah. All around the world, there are hundreds of travel agencies who serve their services for the Muslims.

Islamic Travel is UK based Travel agency and one of the leading agency among all agencies in the UK. They have designed their Hajj Packages according to pilgrim’s requirements. We facilitate our respected customers with Cheap and Low-Cost Hajj 2018 Birmingham including Visa, Flights Tickets, Transport facility, Luxury Hotels and much more. Give one chance to Islamic Travel and avail their affordable packages for your family. Islamic Travel offer the different Hajj Packages such as,

• Cheapest Price for 5 Star Hajj Packages in the UK

• 5 Star Hotel & Cheap Flight Tickets for Hajj Packages

• Non-Shifting Packages & Short Hajj Tour Packages in the UK

• Shifting Hajj Packages for UK Muslims

We offer both Shifting and Non-Shifting Hajj Packages from London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Our team is expert and professional, they will help you in any difficult situation. Islamic Travel assists enormously in providing the best and Cheap Hajj Packages and services to the citizens of UK.  Every year, we bring numerous groups, families, and individuals from London, UK to Makkah, Saudi Arab. The relations of our agencies with tourism, Luxury Hotels, and Hajj-related regulatory bodies.

Hajj Packages Certified

We are ATOL and Saudi Hajj Ministry certified and fulfill all rule and guideline set by the industry bodies for taking Muslims to Hajj. It is our best purpose to serve the needs of UK inhabitants and demands entirely. Being a permitted and certified travel company, we maintain the travelers to follow whole procedures such as vital documentation, visa, vaccination reports, polio certificate, etc. We know the best ways of helping our respected clients go for the holy journey and therefore, have arranged and designed our Cheap Hajj packages for the United Kingdom such that they suit the requirements of all pilgrims.