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Methods of avoiding ill Speech

15th August 2017
Methods of avoiding ill Speech

Methods of avoiding ill Speech

Avoiding ill Speech: Words leave a powerful impact on the life of a person. It is said that words can be more destructive than any nuclear bomb. And has the power to create massive destruction. The beauty of the words lie in their meaning and context. The way you use those words matters a lot. These words can be used to heal the wounds of a person. They can be used to deepen those wounds by working in a negative way. One should always try to avoid using any kind of ill speech. Because you have no idea how much it can hurt the feelings of other person. There is no greater sin than hurting the feelings of a person since it can mentally break that person and can do more damage than physical one.

Even if you are performing the sacred act of Hajj via Luxury Hajj 2018 Package UK. But you continue to hurt other people with your words or actions. Then you are doing nothing good by performing such sacred acts since you are minimizing the reward of the obligation with your ill and abusive speech. Moreover, your prayers are also getting waste due to that speech. It is mentioned in Quran that “And he who repents and does honesty does indeed turn to Allah with repentance. And those who do not accept their lie. When they pass near ill speech, they pass by with dignity.” (Surah 25, Verses 71-72). One thing you can do to avoid all kind of ill speech is to stay quiet. When you have nothing good to say.


If you ever feel that you are out of good words which are appropriate for the situation. Then you should stay quiet. The person he talks less is always appreciated by others. There is no point of doing Umrah through Luxury Umrah Package if you are hurting others with your words. Always remember that physical damage can be cured to some extent. But mental harm can leave a long-term impact on the other person. There is always a proper way of talking to someone. We should try to adopt that way so that we can convey our message to the other person in an appropriate manner. That we he will not only understand. What we are trying to say. Also, he will appreciate the fact that you have beautifully said the right thing.

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