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Prohibitions of Ihram During Hajj and Umrah

15th March 2018
Prohibitions of Ihram During Hajj and Umrah

In the history of Islam, the first Umrah is performed by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the morning of the 4th day of Zi Qadh 7 AH and it was three days long. After this time, the Sahaba ‘s performed the Umrah after the Madinah migration. Therefore, the person who accomplished the Umrah in the holy month of Zi Qadh rewarded as a major pilgrimage. Similarly, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed the Hajj once in his life and said that who are financially and physically strong, must perform Hajj. Therefore, the Muslims fully prepare before going to Umrah. They get the information about how to wearing an Ihram, Cheap Umrah Packages, Prohibitions of Ihram and much more.

You don’t have an exact date in the religion of Islam by which you have to perform Umrah in the holy land of Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The Muslims can perform Umrah at any time throughout the year with step by step info like Prohibitions of Ihram etc. There are 4 vital pillars of Umrah see below,

1. Wearing the Ihram Dress

2. Tawaf e Holy Kaaba

3. Say’ee

4. Shaving off hair

Hajj and Umrah are performed in the House of Allah, the Holy Kaaba, but there are some restrictions on Ihram or Prohibitions of Ihram. One thing notes that when you visit Madinah or Prophet’s Masjid there is no need to wear Ihram and Talbiyah. Now let us see the Prohibitions of Ihram in the time of Hajj and Umrah,


Prohibitions of Ihram

There are some Prohibitions of Ihram when the pilgrims perform the Umrah and Hajj in the House of Allah. You can see detail about Prohibitions of Ihram here,

• During Umrah Cutting Nails not allowed

• Removing spare hair from any part of the body and Haircutting of the head

• Use of any perfumes on the body or on the Ihram dress

• Just wearing the Ihram no Stitched Clothing allowed

• Flip-flops and sandals and must not be stitched

• Covering Face or Head not allowed during the Hajj and Umrah, even women do not cover their faces

• Shooting of animals even of scoundrels

• Sexual activity not allowed or considered as Prohibitions of Ihram

So, I hope you people will understand the Prohibitions of Ihram during the Umrah and Hajj. We must follow these Prohibitions of Ihram that Allah accepts our Umrah and Hajj.

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