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Your Eyes are a Gift from ALLAH, Don’t Give Them to Shaitan

19th April 2018
Eyes are a Gift from ALLAH

“When ALLAH grants you a gift, don’t take it for granted! You often don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone!” What a beautiful quote reminding us about the precious gifts of ALLAH! ALLAH has blessed you all with a number of gifts; your body parts are gifts for you, your senses are gifts for you, thinking power is a gift for you, and a lot more!

Eyes are a Gift from ALLAH

Eyes are a Gift from ALLAH

Let’s keep all other blessings on one side for today and talk only about eyes. It is a part that is very small in size but it is so precious that it allows you to see all other gifts of ALLAH. You can view the beauty of nature, you can use them to defend yourself from danger and most importantly, you can use your eyes for the pursuit of knowledge.

To realize the importance of eyes, just close them for a moment and observe keenly how you feel! Can you see anything? Definitely no! Then why not to thank ALLAH for this precious gift!

Ask about the importance of eyes from those poor people who are blind as they are unable to see like a normal person can.  They would never have seen the brightness of the sun, they would not have seen the beautiful and natural places of this world and even they would not have seen to themselves how do they look like!

Eyes are a Gift from ALLAH

ALLAH has given two beautiful and precious eyes to you so that you can explore this entire world created by him and you can increase your knowledge. However, there are many people who give their eyes to Shaitan and misuse them.

Positive uses of eyes:

Eyes have been gifted to you for a number of good purposes. Let’s have a look at those purposes one by one:

1.     Look at Allah’s creations:

Allah has created a number of creatures in this world like human beings, animals, birds, insects, etc. With your eyes, you can have a look at such beautiful and versatile creatures of this world and in this way; you can praise the creator of these things.

2.     Look at food:

Allah has also made a lot of variety of foods like he has created tasty and colorful fruits and vegetables for different seasons. With your eyes, you can see this variety of food and you can seek for your favorite food items.

3.     Seek for knowledge:

Knowledge is the most basic things that make human beings different from other creatures of this world. Through your eyes, you can explore a lot of things, you can read the books, you can make experiments, you can learn and even you can spread the knowledge.

4.     Worship ALLAH:

The most important and in fact, the basic purpose of your eyes is to worship ALLAH. The holy book of Islam is Quran Pak and you cannot read Holy Quran if you are blind. Therefore, you must use your eyes in order to read Holy book that is Quran Pak and to worship ALLAH.

Misuse of eyes:

There are different ways in which one can misuse his precious eyes. Here, I am going to illustrate some of them so that you can stay away from such sins as, on the day of Qayamah, all of your body parts will witness how you used them.

1.     Look at the unfamiliar woman:

The men are not allowed to look at unfamiliar women and in the same way, women are not allowed to look at unfamiliar men. This act is strictly forbidden in Islam and if you do it then it means that you are misusing your eyes.

2.     Look at private body parts:

ALLAH has ordered all the Muslims to cover themselves properly and not to disclose the private body parts in front of anyone. If you use your eyes for this act then it means that you are giving your eyes to Shaitan and on the day of Qayamah, you will be punished for this act. However, there are some exceptions for the well-being for example; a doctor can look with an intention to treat your disease only.

3.     Theft:

Looking at the property of another person greedily and to show jealousy is also haram in Islam. You should not use your eyes for the purpose of theft or other such crimes as there is strict punishment announced by ALLAH.

Now, you are clear that eyes are the gifts from ALLAH and so these should only be used to do the good deeds and for the well-being of others. If you give your eyes to Shaitan and you punish or harm someone then you will be in trouble on the day of Qayamah.

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