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We are Pushing our kids to Adultery

4th May 2018
pushing our kids to have Adultery

We are Pushing our kids to Adultery

It’s a sad fact of society nowadays in which parents have turned their eye blind. We are not giving our youth to fulfill their needs via Halal way. It is no hidden secret that when you are hungry, you would take something to eat. If there is nothing Halal to eat, no one will like to die of hunger, but instead, choose to eat anything which might not be accepted in Islam.

A wedding means marriage, a bond between a man and a woman in which both partners accept each other with all the shortcomings and goodness. It is performed with the collaboration of two families. The wedding is a gift from GOD for us to increase the family and Ummah of Holy Prophet (PBUH). It’s a very simple and strong relation from GOD. But we humans have made it much difficult with fake customs. These customs are overwhelming for society.

In Islam marriage is very simple just Nikkah and Walima. In Nikkah few friends and family of bride and groom participate in the ceremony. According to Islam, it is at the discretion of bride’s guardian’s to serve food, beverages or plain water. But unfortunately, the society expects from the bride’s guardian to give an extraordinary reception on Nikkah. In Walima the host is supposed to be Groom and again with few friends and family members. This is what Islam teaches us. But again what is observed is totally against the preaching of Islam.

In different cultures, there are different customs. People spend usually more than what they can afford. This spending is just to please a self-developed ego or some friends and family members. It has nothing to do with Islam. For a moment if you think about this huge spending, it is only for a day or two. Humble advice is that if you plan to spend a huge chunk of money, why not spend it on charity. Let’s say you are not willing to spend on charity, why not take a trip to the place you have always been planning. Even better to go for Hajj or Umrah. There can be many ways to spend money than to spend an insane amount just for one day or two, on some customs.

It’s a very alarming situation, many women cannot get married only due to these rituals. The situation for men is no different. They need to have the better jobs, handsome salary, a brand new car and a luxurious house to get married. This is one the reason that most men are not interested in getting married. Some of them than prefer to make friendships and Haram relationships.

Example of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) is light for us to follow in every path of life. Our Prophet (PBUH) also wedded his four daughters. When he wedded Hazrat Fatima (RA) with Hazrat Ali (RA) he served his guests with dates and milk. This is Islam simple and easy.

Islam doesn’t like a spendthrift. Islam also prefers to marry with young girls. A woman should get married in youngest age, it has various reasons, just like a young girl is always more energetic in making a family, she is much fertile comparative to a lady of middle age. It is medically proven that a young girl is more suitable for fertility then an overage lady. She can bring up her children better. She can adjust in husband’s family easily with the passage of time she would prove a healthy, energetic and youthful lady. In this way, we can protect our society from illegitimacy and exploitation.

If we want that Allah always blesses us with his glory and mercy we have to change ourselves. We have to get rid of the fake customs. We have to overcome our expenses. Wedding ceremonies can be arranged with least expense. We can benefact the money (which we have extra) that is more beneficial for us in the world and on the day of judgment too.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The most blessed Nikkah is the one with the least expenses.” [Bayhaqi]

It’s time to open our eyes and put an end to all the customs which are making a simple Sunnah difficult for our youth. We need to promise ourselves that we will not be part of this insanity anymore. Either it is asking for Dowry, spending a huge amount of money on customs or anything that becomes a hindrance to Sunnah, we will be against it. We need to take lessons from the simple Nikkah of Fatima (RA) whose dowry was one water-bag and one bed.

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