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Fajr Prayer and its Importance for a Muslim

16th April 2018
Fajr Prayer and its Importance for a Muslim

When you wake up with no other intention but to worship ALLAH, you have found the purpose of life.

Fajr Prayer

Prayer is the most important activity of worship that is the obligation of every Muslim and on the day of judgment, the very first thing that will be asked of a Muslim will be Salah or Prayer.

Fajr Prayer and its Importance for a Muslim

Fajr Prayer and its Importance for a Muslim

Now when you have recalled the importance of Prayers in your mind, you should also remember that there are 5 prayers that every Muslim is obligated to offer. Although every prayer is important “FAJR” is the prayer that may have some strong affiliation with your soul, I feel.

What a beautiful start of the day when Fajr Adhan goes into your ears and makes you wake up, you find silence all around you but only the loud sound of Adhan! No Yoga of the world and no medicine of the science can give you this much relief that you feel at Fajr time. If you have not observed so deeply, please do it from now!

When you wake up in the morning, you should have no other intention but only to worship Allah and believe me that you will find the purpose of your life. Those people who offer Fajr prayer feel peaceful for the whole day and in fact, ALLAH helps them in everything that they do.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the blessing for the whole day then you must not miss Fajr prayer.

Our prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) himself has proven the importance of Fajr prayer as he said, “Whoever performs the prayer before the rising of the sun and the prayer before its setting will not enter Hell.”

Importance of Fajr Prayer in our life:

In Multiple verses of Quran, sayings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and even through practice, it has been confirmed that waking up early in the morning at Fajr time and offering this prayer has a deep connection with a human body, mind, and soul. Therefore, let’s discuss the importance of Fajr prayer in our life:

  • Natural Meditation:

There would be no meditation on the world that can give as much peace as much Fajr prayer gives you. How peaceful you will feel when the fresh and cool breeze will pass throughout your body! Silence all around you and it seems that you are all covered by the Noor of ALLAH! Waking up that time and offering Fajr prayer can relax your mind and body and it is beneficial for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • It improves your health:

Even the science has proven that waking up early in the morning before rising of the sun is great for improving the health. Those individuals who are used to offer Fajr prayer are usually healthy and active as compared to others and in fact, they stay away from many severe diseases.

  • Fill your pockets with Barakah:

Angels visit your homes at that time and those who wake up for the sake of worshiping ALLAH and for offering Fajr prayer make those angels happy. They bring ALLAH’s blessings and Barakah for you and that’s enough to keep you peaceful and happy for the rest of the day. Therefore, don’t miss the chance and wake up for Fajr prayer so that you can fill your pockets with Barakah and you don’t let those angels go away from your door with disappointment.


Now, when you have explored well about the importance of Fajr prayer, promise yourself to never miss that time and that worship. If you are a true Muslim, how you can start your day without calling ALLAH who’s always with you and who guarantees about your well-being, your food, etc. Every morning, you should wake with an intention to worship ALLAH and in this way, you will find the real purpose of your life; you will find peace, you will find his blessings, you will find happiness, in fact, you will find yourself!

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