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Procedures of Ihram for Hajj and Umrah

15th March 2018
Procedures of Ihram

The new year 2018 has come with new spirit and plans. The Muslim Ummah is availing this golden opportunity in the form of spiritual way. They plan the trip towards the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah. But, before going to Hajj and Umrah, they explore the cheap packages and reliable agent. When they find these two things then they start preparation such as important documents, necessary traveling material for Umrah and Hajj, and Procedures of Ihram. After completing the preparation, the Holy Journey towards holy land begins.

When they perform Umrah, there are four rituals of this holy worship,

  • Wearing Ihram
  • Tawaf e Kaaba
  • Say’ee
  • Qasar / Halaq

Wearing Ihram

The Procedures of Ihram wearing during Hajj and Umrah, for men there are two unstitched sheets for Ihram, the 1st sheet is used to cover the inferior part by covering it about the waist. The second sheet is used to throw on the shoulder of pilgrims. To hold the bottommost sheet, you should wear a belt.

Note one thing, for women, there is no Ihram dress or Procedures of Ihram in the time of Hajj and Umrah, both worships. But in the state of Ihram, they are not permitted to cover their face and hands. Now let us check the Procedures of Ihram because Muslims want to know about it.


Procedures of Ihram

There are some steps for Procedures of Ihram while you are performing the Hajj and Umrah. See the Procedures of Ihram below,

  • With a pure intention and before wearing Ihram just take a bath or Ghusal
  • After taking a bath, wear Ihram sheets according to Sunnah way
  • After wearing Ihram by covering your head just offer two Rakat of Nafal
  • Declare your intention or Niyyah with your head uncover and say“O, Allah! My purpose to perform Umrah, kindly make it easy for me and agree to take it from me.”
  • Start reciting Dua’a and Talbiya continuously, after leaving home. To recite Talbiya loudly once because it is compulsory for pilgrims.

“In Allah’s name, I place my faith in Allah Almighty, and there is no might nor supremacy apart from with Great Allah.”

  • Recite Darud e Sharif and Beg to Allah when you are entering the Masjid Al Haram and moved towards Holy Kaaba, the House of Allah.

“In Allah’s name! O, Allah! Praise the mention of your Messenger (Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)). O, Allah! Pardon my iniquities and open the doors of Your clemency for me.”

  • Must keep the pilgrim’s eyes fixed at Holy Kaaba and recite,
  • “Allah is the Superlative, Allah is the greatest, there is no Allah, but Allah, Allah is the Supreme, Allah is the Superlative, to Him belongs all Admiration.”
  • After this, recite Talbiya and move onward to complete Tawaf e Kaaba.

So, these are the Procedures of Ihram when the Muslims perform the Umrah and Hajj. Follow these Procedures of Ihram during the rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

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