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Dua is a Weapon of a Believer

28th November 2019
Dua is a weapon of believer

As all, we know Dua is a significant part of Faith and Belief. It has an ability to change destiny so always try to make dua in every situation (happy or sad, good or bad, health or sickness, wealth or poverty, etc). It will make a great association between a master and a slave. It is an expression of one’s total dependence on Allah Almighty. So we can share our all problems in front of Allah without any hesitation. Allah knows every single thing but he loves to listen to us. He loves to distinguish our feelings at the time of dua.

It is the blessing of almighty Allah that He has allowed us to ask directly from him. If you think it is indeed a great blessing. He did not ask to come through a specific channel. He did not ask to pray at a specific time only. He did not say that only those don’t commit sin can ask for prayer. But he gave this permission to everyone. Even he listens to the prayer of Non-Muslims. Along with giving permission, he says that one should ask from Allah and never lose hope.

Two types of response toward dua: first is Allah will answer your dua at once and the second one is He will keep safe it with Him and will thoroughly honor all undecided prayers on the day of conclusion when it is needed the most. So be patient and have faith in Allah that He will give you the best in this world or hereafter.

Although there is no prerequisite for Dua. But still, there are certain actions that offer as a sign of sincerity while offering prayers. A person in Wudu is very close to Allah. A dua made while a person is in Wudu will be better as compared to the one made without Wudu. Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) love cleanliness and this is taught again and again in Islam.

The next best thing, in my opinion, a person can do is Facing towards Kabbah. There is no comparison of this Holy place and Mohammad PBUH made dua when he entered the house (Kabbah). When you want to make dua lift up your hand to Allah with purity and sincerity. Allah never disappoints that which bed with a pure heart and wet eyes.

When you want to ask something to Allah remember that Allah is great and He is everywhere, He knows everything on your tip of the tongue or in your heart so be humble while making dua. Dua is a state of mind in which you express your feelings to Allah whether you are happy or sad, confused, disappointed, etc you open your heart in front of Him. He will surely give the best possible solution for you.

Remember one thing while making dua you can recite duas of prophet PBUH. it will make a great impact on your dua. Always remember your sins, bad deeds, and your smallness while making dua and remember Allah is a great forgiver. Don’t make negative prayers to others or yourself too.

In the last third of the night, Allah is in the lowermost of heaven and ask

  • During sujood
  • During rainfall
  • During traveling
  • While breaking  the fast
  • While drinking Zamzam water
  • At the end of obligatory Salat
  • First ten days of Dhul Hijjah
  • Dua inside The Kabbah

You are making dua from the one who controls and owns the whole universe. Have in your heart and mind one thing that dua is going to be accepted for sure. Believe me, it is with the permission of Allah that you are raising your hands and asking for prayer. So be sure that dua is going to be accepted. Always seek forgiveness from Allah before making and worldly prayer. Offer your sincere heart to Allah. And remain sincere in your efforts and actions to Allah. Allah rewards the sincere people. May Allah accept our prayers and bless all Muslim Ummah.

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