Correct your Wudu, Prayer and Quran this Ramadan

29th May 2019
Correct your Wudu, Prayer and Quran this Ramadan

Since Ramadan is the month of blessing, so Muslims earn immense virtues by offering Salah, reciting the Holy Quran and performing other supplications as well. However, all mentioned Ibadah require the holy soul which is only possible by Wudu (ablution). Moreover, Muslims can only earn the virtues if their Wudu (ablution), Salah and the words of Holy Quran are utterly correct in all aspects. Let’s see what the corrections of describing Ibadah are.

Wudu (Ablution)

Wudu or Ablution is the act which is performed before offering the Salah (Prayer). It is indeed the washing some organs of body which are compulsory to clean them. Since Salah requires the Wudu because of making the body pure as Salah itself purifies the soul of the body. There is another Ibadah which also removes the sin of man and that is Hajj and Umrah. So, consult with umrah Hajj agents and get the cheap package of pilgrimage.

Fard (Obligatory) of Wudu (Ablution) 

There are four Fard (Obligatory) of Wudu, however, Muslims add some other Sunnah of Wudu.

1. Washing the full face from right ear to the left and forehead to the bottom of chin.

2. Washing both arms from wrist to elbow.

3. Palming lightly over the head from top to back. Palm must be wet.

4. Washing the both feet from toes to ankle.

However, it is compulsory that all the compulsory Fard (Obligatory) must be performed orderly, otherwise Wudu will not be completed.

What nullify the Wudu?

• Discharge of urine

• Discharge of gas

• Discharge of stool

• Discharge of blood. However, if the blood does not spurt or flow then Wudu is validated.

• Falling asleep

• Unconsciousness of any kind.


Salah is the second pillar of Islam and it requires proper concentration during performing. There are some actions which must be focused otherwise Salah would not be fulfilled.

The actions which nullify the Salah

The actions or sayings which nullify the Salah while offering.

•    Missed the essential pillars of Salah such as Ruku (bowing) or Sajood (Prostration).

•    Laughing aloud

•    Talking

•    Uncovering the parts of the body which must be covered.

•    Ample diverging from the Qiblah (direction).

•    Ample movement except for the part of Salah.

•    Anything which nullifies the ablution (Wudu).

However, in the case of an emergency during the Salah, a person must withdraw from the prayer by doing the Tasleem (saying the Salaam towards the right side). If the action is instantly done then the person may continue the Salah from the last saying. But, if the action takes a long time then the person must offer the Salah from the starting point.

The Holy Quran

The recitation of the Holy Quran grants immense reward but if it is read in the month of Ramadan, so it grants more than seventy time reward as compared to common days. Likewise reading Quran in Ramadan, there is also huge reward of performing Umrah in this sanctified month. If you want to get the huge reward then get Customized Umrah Packages and earn more plenty of virtues.

Indeed, Al-Quran is the last and final dispensation not for one nation but for the whole mankind. This final book was revealed on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) by the Divinity in some particular spells when there was dire need to give the commandment of Allah (SWT) for the believers and disbelievers.

Yet, it is the responsibility of every Muslim that he/she must learn the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation otherwise the meanings of Quran would be changed.

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