5 Muslim Friendly Countries You Must Visit

13th May 2019
5 Muslim Friendly Countries You Must Visit

There are more than 58 Muslim countries all over the world which all have strong and friendly relationships among each other. Countries are reputable in tourism because of having historical monuments and old civilizations. The traditional cuisines, exceptional societies, and colonial structures make them worthy. Their breathtaking sites and diverse landscapes force travelers to explore the new horizon. Plenty of tourists from all corner of the world visit these countries through the cheapest packages to live up their aspirations.

Let’s see five Muslims Friendly Countries:

1. Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim country which is bordered by both Asia and Europe continents, so the tourists have a great opportunity to get to know the rich historic legacy from both sides through the artifacts. The combination of ancient and contemporary eras the country offers the glorious hangouts to explore. However, the top hangouts in turkey which are richly visited by tourists are Hagia Sofia Museum, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace Museum and Pamukkale.

2. Iran 

Iran is a Muslim country which also has a friendly atmosphere with other Islamic countries. Also called Persia is located in Western Asia with over 81 million people. Stretching on the area of 1,648,195km square offer diverse tourists attractions. Iran has some fascinating traditions such as Trof, Sheb e Yalda, Chaharshanbe Suri, Haji Firooz, Haft seen Table, and Sizdeh Bedar, etc. Tourists much enjoy with the tasty dishes of Iranian cuisines like Ash Reshte, Kabab, Khoresht Gheimeh, Zereshk Polo Morgh, and Fesenjan, etc. Families from different areas visit its remarkable places such as Esfahan, Azadi Tower, Nasir ul Mulk Mosque and Dizin, etc.

3. Indonesia 

Lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago country with diverse cultures as well as comprehensive sightseeing trails. With largest tropical forest, the massive amount of secluded islands having scuba diving, historical monuments echoing the great past-time, volcanic mountainous view, wonderful valleys with full of vegetation and being a snorkeling spot, Indonesia has become the most visited country in all over the world. Having no extreme hot and cold season the climate is apparently moderate the whole year, that’s why the country is highly appreciated from explorers a lot. The best places in Indonesia are Lake Toba, Ubud, Borobudur, Komodo National Park, Gili Island, Bunaken, and Mount Bromo, etc. Tourists are served with delicious Indonesian food like Beef Rendang, Fried Rice, Nasi Rawon, Siomay, Indomie and Sweet Martabak, etc.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most tourist attraction throughout Asia. Its secluded islands full of coral reefs and scuba-diving, historical monuments and diverse cultural heritage offer great entertainment. Plenty of nature lovers and explorers visit its outstanding hangouts like Penang, Melaka, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, and Bukit Tinggi, etc. Its moth-watered restaurants serve exceptional food such as Curry Laska, Hainanese Chicken, Roti tisu, Kaya pau, and Satay, etc. There are some most popular cultures in Malaysia like Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Wesak, Kaamatan Harvest Festival, and Eid.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan is a Muslim country which is lying in South Asia. It is the sixth-most populous country with more than 212,742,631 people. The relations of Pakistan with Islamic countries are friendly in all aspects. Occupying 881,913 square kilometers, it has remarkable tourist’s attractions. There are five provinces in Pakistan which they own have their traditions display on some important occasions. The most important language of Pakistan is Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, and Pashto. When it comes to tasty cuisines such as Beef Nihari, Karachi Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Handi, Mutton Seekh Kabab, and Creamy Koftas, Pakistan is the most famous in all over Asia. Its major cities are Karachi, Lahore Islamabad, and Multan. The country has spectacular visiting spots like Mohenjo Daro, Harappa ruins, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Lake Saif ul Malook, Muksh puri and many more.

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