Health Benefits of Fasting!

20th May 2019
Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is the third pillar of Islam that is obligatory to Muslims men and women. It is performed in the blessed month of Ramadan according to the lunar calendar every year. It is not only performed in Muslim society but almost all kinds of religions enjoy the Fasting in their own ways. However, the long time and its severity for getting the pure salvation of God is found in Islam. Indeed, Islam is a complete code of life which not makes a man successful in the Day of Resurrection but also beneficial for man in the physical world. Thus, Fasting (Sawm) provides incredible benefits to a man who performed it as a whole with honestly.

Let’s see some of the health benefits of Fasting:

• Improves Body Composition

Fasting is the best for the body’s fat tissues and overall weight loss. Fasting improves body composition in several ways through its process on hormones and fat metabolism. People who have gained the weight apparently experience loss of weight by keeping the Fasting.

• Boosts Metabolism

Fasting significantly affects hunger level through the hormone leptin. It specifically performs the act of digestive, so it works fast when it keeps an empty a long time. Thus, while the whole day remaining empty belly, the function of lepton becomes faster as the satiety hormone which increases the hunger of fasting man.

• Improvement of Cardiovascular

One of the great benefits of Fasting is Cardiovascular. Since this is concerned with blood composition as well as blood pressure, so during the Fasting man does not use sugar or cholesterol even Fasting sucks cholesterol into the body which causes blood pressure. So, the people who keep fast the whole month get best of Cardiovascular.

• Decreased Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar drops over 30 % a tremendous benefit to anyone with hyperglycemia in just the first few days of Fasting. In fact, people can feel a lack of energy, however, blood Sugar level stabilizes with the continuity of Fasting.

• Improvement of Heart health

Fasting leads to improve heart health as researchers found that sporadic fasting improves heart muscles performance, reduces free radical damage and increases the growth of blood vessels within the heart.

• Resists to Oxidative Stress

One of the remarkable benefits of Fasting is resistance to Oxidative stress. As Fasting improves the blood composition, recovers hormone signaling, improves gene signaling, so these are directly involved in Oxidative stress. So, when they are improved, Oxidative Stress in apparently decreased.

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